Back pressure valves are generally used to create pressure resistance at the discharge of a reciprocating pump. There are several reasons why a back pressure valve is used. One of the common reasons is to create a back force to positively seat the pumps discharge ball valves the back pressure valve is simple in operation. It is a pressure regulator and can be set to any pressure within its operating range.

Pressure relief valves will open and allow liquid to escape should system pressure exceed the maximum operating pressure of the system’s components. When liquid pressure in the system returns to safe limits, the pressure relief valve will close, and normal flow and pressure will resume.

The pressure relief valve is a safety device that automatically opens or closes depending on the pressure and if it needs a release.

The back pressure valve however, is a continually moving application that has pressure sensors that react accordingly. It isn’t just a safety device; it’s a functioning part of the system.

Pressure control valves are ideal for applications requiring a reduced pressure to a cylinder. A pressure relief valve is placed on a liquid, vapour or gas pressure vessel or piping system as a safety device to protect the structural integrity of the vessel or piping system from overpressure. Pressure relief valves should not be used for process control.

Back pressure valves are used for maintaining a preset downstream pressure. A back pressure valve is placed in a piping system to control the operating pressure applied to a vessel, piping system or actuator within the system upstream. They are designed to open or close to modulate or regulate the operating pressure of a controlled device in response to a signal from the controlled device when a change in pressure at the controlled device is required to satisfy a process parameter. Back pressure regulators should never be used in place of pressure relief valves to protect the structural integrity of a system.

Griffco Back Pressure Valves

From Griffco, offering a variety of back pressure valves and options that work in many different applications.


Types Include:

  • M-Series: Low flow (1/4″ to 1/2″ or DN 8 to DN 15 connections)
  • G-Series: Medium to large flow (1/2″ to 4″ or DN 15 to DN 100 connections)
  • High Flow: High flow (1/2″ to 1″ or DN 15 to DN 50 connections)
  • Medium Pressure: Medium Pressure to 800 psi (55 bar) (1/4″ to 1″ or DN 8 to DN 25 connections)

Variations and Options Include:

  • Unibody: Valve with union connections, made from a solid PVC or CPVC body
  • PTFE Flanged: G-Series valve with flange connections, made from a solid PTFE body
  • ARV: Air release valve acts as a priming valve for a back pressure valve

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