Calibration cylinders, or columns, are used to monitor and control the dosage and accuracy of metering pumps and chemical injection systems. These devices are designed to improve the performance of chemical feed systems through verification of the flow rate of the chemical feed pump. As chemicals become more expensive and operating budgets get tighter, the accurate verification of the pump flow rate of metering pumps can lead to improved cost savings.

Calibration columns are made of robust construction with clear PVC or glass with an easy to read graduation in mL and gph. They are typically installed on the suction side of the metering pump and are isolated with two valves connected with the cylinder.

Draw Down Calibration Cylinder


  • To calibrate the flow rate of chemical metering pumps and chemical injection systems
  • To periodically monitor the performance and accuracy of a chemical injection system
  • To insert accurate dosages of chemical into batch processes


  • Dual Scale:
    1. Total gauge volume in millimetres
    2. Gallons per hour scale for a one minute test of calibration to determine flow rate
  • Mylar laminated scales are protected from attack by harsh chemicals
  • Available in capacities ranging from 60 ML up to 10,000 ML
  • Models with threaded NPT connections on both ends and models with removable slip-on
  • top caps available
  • Rugged construction using transparent PVC pipe and industrial grade PVC fittings
  • Sight tube material is clear and impact resistant superior grade PVC
  • Materials of construction are qualified to handle a wide range of chemicals
  • Special sizes available upon request
  • Other materials also available

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