By Milton Roy

Milton Roy is the leader in mixing technology worldwide. Today, this expertise is concentrated in four key markets oil and gas, chemical, mining and water treatment.

In oil and gas applications, when crude oil comes from the ground is accompanied by impurities known as bottom sludge and water or BS&W. If BS&W accumulates inside tanks, it can minimise storage capacity by 30%, degrade crude oil consistency and damage the tank prompting untimely and expensive cleanup and repairs. To prevent BS$W from settling, operators typically use side entry mixers for continual blending which keeps BS&W from settling.

Milton Roy uses computational fluid dynamics to simulate fluid movement inside the tank for any process based on mixer design, mounting position, tank size and fluid properties. Crude oil is then sent to refineries for a subsequent mixing process where it’s blended to achieve the finished product recipe.

Chemical and petrochemical manufacturers are the largest users of top and side entry mixers worldwide due to the full range of industries and applications that produce many of the products that we use daily. Applications such as gas dispersion, solid suspension, pigment blending and heat transfer all require precise mixing at a defined volume, time and temperature to create specific products which is where Milton Roy’s application knowledge is vital when selecting the right mixer. In a gas dispersion application, a high shear impeller is used to brake gas bubbles into smaller units as the additional impellers pump the fluid around the tank mixing it with the gas bubbles to ensure an ideal chemical reaction.

The mining industry is another typical application for mixers which are used to treat and blend liquids and slurries used at the mining site. The series of top entry mixers are used to leach various ores required to mine gold, silver, nickel and other precious metals. Mixing applications enable minerals to float to the top where they can be easily separated.

Water treatment applications typically use the HM & Helisem series of top entry mixers. Blending applications play a critical role in water treatment such as flocculation process. In water treatment, billions of negatively charged particles repel one another, leaving them too small to be filtered out. Positively charged flocculants are added and mixed in to bind minuscule particles together where they form flocks that can be easily filtered.

Milton Roy has mixers explicitly developed for the flocculation process whether it is crude oil storage, refineries and chemical processing, mining applications or water treatment, Milton Roy is ready to help with any mixing need.

Milton Roy top entry and side entry mixers are the preferred choices for mixing applications for today in the future.

Helisem® Mixers Range – TWO PROPELLERS RANGE (NEW!)

For your applications in :

  • Water treatment
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical product
  • Cosmetic
  • Food-processing
  • Other preparations

Benefits of the new Helisem® range

  • Wide range of models, in accordance with your needs.
  • Short time, from 5 days.
  • Consistent know-how, more than 10 000 mixers in the world.


  • Speed variation
  • Different types of motors, seals and paintings
  • Material SS 316L

Advantages of the 2 Propellers Range

  • An improved homogeneity
  •  A quicker dissolution
  •  An optimized suspension of solids
  • A stronger mixing of the surface
  • A higher heat transfer
  •  A better use even with a variable tank level

We are here to help you find the optimal solution.