Magnetic level gauges is a safe, reliable and straightforward way to measure the fluid level in a tank. It is exceptionally safe for flammable, toxic, corrosive liquids or liquids that may be at very high pressure or temperature like boiler water. Sometimes called bypass gauges.

Magnetically coupled level indicators are in widespread use throughout today’s process industries. Magnetic gauges are now commonly utilised in new construction and planned expansions.

The KENCO Magna-Site is a magnetic liquid level indicator that is precision-engineered and manufactured to indicate liquid level contained within a vessel accurately, reliably and continuously. Without any glass construction, Magna-Site has the advantage of protecting high-pressure applications and hazardous locations from the dangers of a chemical spill due to glass failure.

The KENCO Magna-Site utilises three significant components: the gauge housing chamber, the magnetic float and the magnetic flag assembly. Constructed to withstand the same temperature and pressures as the tank itself, the gauge can be mounted adjacent to the side of the vessel.

Multiple tank mounting connections provide convenient installation of the Kenco Magna-Site and allow equalisation of the liquid level in tank and gauge. A float with all-around magnetic flux sits within the gauge housing chamber, offering accurate level readings even with turbulent liquids. Bi-coloured fluorescent flags built into its assembly offer optimal visibility even from great distances.

Other advantages of the Magna-Site include:

  • Double Flag protection
  • Adjustable viewing angles
  • High Compatibility
  • Remote level indication
  • Convenience
  • Reliability

Magna-Site™ Magnetic Level Gauge

The KENCO Magna-Site™ is a magnetic liquid level indicator used to determine the volume of liquid contained within a vessel. Because the Magna-Site™ eliminates the need for glass, high pressure applications and hazardous locations are protected from the danger of a chemical spill due to glass failure.

Utilising three major components: the gauge housing chamber, the magnetic float and the magnetic flag assembly.  The gauge housing chamber is mounted adjacent to the side of the vessel.  It is constructed to withstand the same temperatures and pressures as the tank itself.  It is equipped with the appropriate tank mounting connections for easy installation and to allow equalization of liquid level in tank and gauge.

Inside the gauge housing chamber is the magnetic float, which contains radially-positioned magnets to provide a 360° magnetic-flux field. Each float is internally weighted based on specific gravity so that the liquid level in the gauge coincides with the location of the magnets inside the float. Attached to the gauge housing chamber is the magnetic flag assembly. This is the visual means of liquid level indication for the KENCO Magna-Site™. The assembly is made up a of a series of bi-colored fluorescent flags. As the magnetic float rises and falls with the liquid level in the gauge housing chamber, a magnet embedded in each flag reacts to the 360° magnetic flux of the float. This magnetic interaction causes each flag to rotate 180°. The flags below the magnetic flux of the float will flip to fluorescent green, while those flags above the float level remain steel gray.


  • Maximum safety — No glass is used in the construction.
  • Optimum visibility — Fluorescent flags are visible from great distances
  • Float with 360° magnetic flux — Maintains a strong magnetic field in all directions; turbulent liquids will not cause flag assembly to give an inaccurate level indication
  • Double flag protection — Flags are hermetically sealed inside a PTFE encapsulated assembly which is shrouded by a 300 series stainless steel enclosure on three sides with a UV stabilized high-impact clear polycarbonate shield
  • Adjustable viewing angles — Flag assembly can be rotated to any angle to provide maximum visibility
  • Multiple mounting options — Engineered construction allows for a variety of mounting configurations
  • Compatibility — A broad range of materials can be used to withstand harsh chemicals
  • Remote level indication — Explosion-proof magnetostrictive level sensor/transmitter provides a 4-20mA signal output
  • Height scale — 304 stainless steel with no. 3 finish and large etched characters/lines for easy reading
  • High/Low-level switches — Explosion proof switches can signal an alarm, operate a pump/valve or act as an emergency shut down
  • Convenience — Easy installation and very low maintenance
  • Warranty — Three year guarantee against defects
  • Reliability — KENCO has been building magnetic liquid level indicators since 1986

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