A metering pump is a device used to control the flow rate of a fluid; typically it moves a precise volume of liquid in a specified period. Metering pumps pump water, chemicals, solutions and other fluids. The rate of flow is usually constant over time depending on the outlet pressure.

These devices are made to deliver a maximum discharge pressure rating so check with manufacturer specifications for the rate that will suit the application metering. Metering pumps typically consist of one diaphragm resulting in pulsing flow and delivery of fluids as flux.

Fluid Metering Inc (FMI) is a renowned manufacturer of metering pumps and dispensers with over 55 years’ experience. As pioneers of the valve-less rotating and reciprocating piston metering pump concept, FMI’s patented ‘no-valve’ design eliminates problems caused by valves which clog or leak, requiring service and maintenance. It’s enhanced and improved metering pumps and dispensers continue to provide innovative fluid control solutions that are industry standard for a degree of accuracy, precision, reliability and durability.

The preferred brand across a broad range of industries including medical, laboratory, analytical, industrial process, environmental and OEM applications which require precision fluid control, FMI metering pumps have a stellar track record of providing users with proven performance. Check out this link to our 3D Animation of how the FMI Valve-less Metering Pump works.

General Purpose Laboratory and Industrial Metering Pumps

These metering pumps are a standardized family of rotating and reciprocating piston pumps, ideal for accurate laboratory and industrial fluid control.


  • QD High Speed – High Flows Metering Pump
  • QG Low Speed – Low Flows Metering Pumps
  • Hazardous Duty Metering Pump

Variable Speed Laboratory and Industrial Metering Pumps

Fluid Metering, Inc. Variable Speed Pumps have adjustable stroke rate and process control. Ideal for automated process control.


  • QV / QVG50 Direct Current Pump
  • Q2V
  • RHV Low Flow Pumps

Metering Reagents and Dilution of Buffers 

Ideal Pumps for Metering Reagents and Dilution of Buffers in OEM Medical, Laboratory and Environmental Analyzers.


  • ST2RH Low Flow Ratio:Matic® Duplex
  • ST2H Duplex OEM
  • ST2Q
  • ST2QP High Flow Ratio:Matic® Duplex

Field Work & Other Mobile Applications

Ideal for Field Work & Other Mobile Applications.


  • RHB Low Flow Pumps
  • QB Direct Current Pump
  • QBG Low Current DC Metering Pump

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